Color Your Workspace and Get To Work

Color Your Workspace and Get To Work

Your image is everything. According to the study Color in Office Environments, the colors of your office can make an impact on your mood and workflow, and influence your visitors as well. For example, offices with gray or white walls could cause sadness and depression amongst your employees. Add a splash of the colors below to improve your mood, productivity, and energy in the office.



Corporate businesses often use blue because it gives off a feeling of stability. It’s known as a calming color that increases focus in offices and leads to a more productive day. Blue also has authoritative qualities, making it a great option for meeting spaces within your office where you might have visitors.


Happiness is often associated with yellow. It creates a sense of cheerfulness. Yellow also is a stimulating color that is great for offices where creative work is done. It promotes individual thinking and logical reasoning. This color should be used carefully as it could promote anxiety and stress. When it doubt, go for a duller shade of yellow that does not have a sharp contrast.


A recent poll shows that 31 percent of Americans work more than 40 hours per week. Green is a calming color, good for any employee who might stay in the office at night in addition to their “nine-to-five” shift. Green is also associated with health and healing, making it an ideal color for those whose careers are known to have a high amount of stress.


Portray your power as a CEO or department head by painting your office red. It’s known to ignite passion and strengthen blood flow to your brain. Red is also good for warehouses or other places where manual labor occurs. It’s a color that excites and motivates, but can cause anxiety and increased heart rates.


For a modern and sophisticated look, go with silver. It’s associated with prestige and wealth, making it great for companies in the tech industry. It also promotes patience and organization. Like many tech offices, silver is fluid and changing, just like many of the trends you might discover. This also makes it a good color for scientific companies. It can, however, be seen as cold and impersonal if used in an incorrect context.


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