Finding Privacy in Open Office Layouts 

Finding Privacy in Open Office Layouts 

Many companies are beginning to consider how open office layouts can lower costs, while offering a more collaborative environment for their employees. While many offices are converting to this layout, a recent survey shows that approximately 74 percent of U.S. workers surveyed are more concerned about privacy at work now than they were ten years ago.


Send Signals To Let Others Know You Are Busy

If you are concentrating on an important task, and you want to be left alone, invest in a quality pair of noise cancelling headphones. This will give your co-workers a signal that you are focusing on a project or task. If you use an instant messaging service for in office communication, you can set an away message and let others know you cannot be interrupted. You can also add a sign to your desk stating when you need to be left alone.


Create “Corners” for Your Office

For your conferences and phone calls that you need to keep private, use the corners of your office space to your advantage. This is also a good space for higher-ranking employees to place their desks. Also consider moving your conference table away from workstations so that those who are not in meetings are not bothered.


Work Hours Besides Nine-to-Five 

If your company offers flexible hours, this is an easy way to gain some privacy. Whether you decide to come in earlier or later, you will be able to save the tasks that require the most attention for when you have the least amount of people in your office.


Get Out of the Office During Breaks

Try to get out of the office everyday for lunch or a cup of coffee. Only one in five office workers step out of the office to eat lunch everyday. This can have a serious impact on your creativity.  Getting out of the office will give you time to reflect on the day and take a breather. Even if it’s not during lunch, taking a walk around the block will help clear your mind and get some exercise to give you energy for the rest of your workday.


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