Is It Spring Yet?

Is It Spring Yet?

Let’s face it, unless you are a winter sports enthusiast, you probably have some not-so-kind words to say to Mother Nature. Depending on your location, your winter might not include snow or you find that it doesn’t end until April. Below are just a few signs that you’ve had it with this season.


Your Feet are Constantly Damp

Whether it’s because you are shoveling snow at least twice a week, or you manage to step in puddles, your socks are constantly soaked due to wet or wintry weather. Whether you’re trudging through slush covered streets, or get caught in a steady rain, your shoes don’t quite do the job of keeping your feet dry. Remember your waterproof shoes the next time you head out.


You’ve Had Enough of Chapped Lips and Dry Skin

There’s not enough lip balm or moisturizer out there for your dry skin. The minute the bitter wind hits your lips, you can feel them shrivel up.


You’ve Run Out of TV Shows to Watch

You’ve binge watched your favorite TV shows and don’t know what to catch up on next. If you are a Netflix user, you are used to seeing the “Are You Still Watching” screen. Your answer: Of course, it’s too cold or miserable out to do anything else.


You Eat More

To combat chilly weather, you are cooking up some hearty foods. You’ve become a master at making soups, hot chocolate, stews, and other filling foods. If you cook for family, they are hopefully appreciative of your efforts.


You Still Don’t Know How Many Layers to Wear 

Many factors come in when deciding what to wear today. A day that is 40 degrees with strong winds can feel even colder than a 30 degree day with no winds. You either end up shivering because you didn’t layer enough, or you’re sweating in the office because you wore too many layers.


Hang in there, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.


Girl Scout Cookies 

This is one of the first signs that winter is almost finished. Whether it’s a table set up at a local strip mall, or a co-worker going around the office taking an order for their daughter’s troop, there’s no better way to start spring than with some Samoas®, Do-si-dos®, and Thin Mints®.​  Of course, there’s always that one person in the office that thinks Trefoils are delicious…


Each Day Is Getting Longer

That’s right. If you leave your office at 5 p.m., you may notice that there is more daylight than when you left in December. With daylight saving time occurring in early March, you only have one more month of long nights. Good thing February is the shortest month of the year! At least you are now able to see icy spots when you leave the office each day.


Professional Spring Sports Are Starting

NCAA spring sports like lacrosse, softball, and baseball have already started playing games. Major League Baseball spring training and March Madness are just around the corner. For those early spring games, however, you might still want to bring hand warmers and a warm coat.


While we’ve made it through most of winter, we still have a few weeks left.


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