Out Of The Ordinary Birthday Gift Basket Ideas 

Out Of The Ordinary Birthday Gift Basket Ideas 

As the years go on, birthdays do not seem as exciting as they used to. Some people even try to avoid them at all costs. However, not everyone feels this way.  You always want your co-workers to feel like they are appreciated, especially on their birthday. Go out of the box this year and instead of getting someone a gift card to his or her favorite coffee shop, try one of the unique gift basket ideas below.


For Coffee Addicts

There are always a few people in the office that can’t do anything without a cup of coffee. For these employees, put together a gift basket with their favorite brews. Include a bag of coffee as well as single serve coffee pods. Also throw in a mug or thermos and a gift card to their favorite coffee shop. If you know what type of sugar or creamer they like, throw that in too. They will thank you, right after their first cup of coffee.


For Cheese Lovers

When Queen Victoria of Great Britain was alive (1837-1901), she was given a cheddar cheese wheel as a wedding gift that weighed over 1,000 pounds. Just to give you an idea, an average cheddar cheese wheel weighs about 60-75 pounds. Why not make your employees feel like Queen Victoria and give them a gift basket filled with artisanal cheeses? Try aged gouda, blue cheese and classic cheddar. Add some crackers or a fig jam to take the basket to the next level.


For A Day At The Spa

Work can be stressful. Give your employees or co-workers a birthday gift basket they can use to create their own spa at home. Make sure to include the spa essentials: washcloths, an exfoliating brush, candles, lotions and creams, scented soaps and bath salts. Some of these materials can be made within the comforts of your own home. For a basic lotion recipe that can be infused with different scents, look here. No matter what you do, they will be incredibly thankful.


For Those With A Sweet Tooth

This gift basket includes everything you’d ever need for an ice cream social, minus the ice cream (for perishable purposes.) If you don’t know your employee’s favorite ice cream toppings, just add some of the classics, like chocolate fudge sauce, cherries, and sprinkles. Add a few boxes of candy while you’re at it. M&Ms (various kinds), Reese’s Pieces, or Snow Caps are some good options because they can be put on top of ice cream. Don’t forget the cones!


For Those Who Cannot Live Without Pizza

Many know how perfect a slice of pizza is. But imagine making your own pizza with ingredients you found in your birthday basket from your amazing co-workers. Sounds like the dream, right? When giving a basket like this as a gift, fill it with dough, various cheeses, and sauce. Those are the vital items. Have fun with the toppings by adding pepperoni, maybe more cheese, a few vegetables or even specialty meats. This basket can even be altered for those who love sweets by including ingredients to make a nutella stuffed pizza. Maybe your co-worker will be kind enough to offer you a slice of their homemade pizza.


Tip: Check with the recipient to ensure that they do not have any allergies to the items you might include in your gift basket. For ones involving food, double check that the items are non-perishable and will not melt if you are shipping it to another place.


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