Signs You Are A Major Procrastinator 

Signs You Are A Major Procrastinator 

For some, their best work comes when they are under pressure. While many people think of students when they hear procrastination, it also exists within the office. The average office worker tends to spend approximately two hours of their workday doing non-work related activities. Here are a few struggles procrastinators face every day.


You Sleep in Until the Last Minute

You like your sleep and want to maximize the amount you get each night. While you make it to the office on time, you only have about one or two minutes to spare each morning. Better hope you don’t get stuck in traffic on your way to work.


Your Office is Not the Cleanest

You might need help organizing and cleaning your desk. There’s a chance that your desktop screen has many icons blocking that beautiful photo from your last vacation, and you could use a trash can for all the papers blocking your desk.


You’re Forgetful

You may not set calendar reminders for important meetings, or forget to write down something simple you have to do because of the amount of urgent work piling onto your plate.


You Daydream…. Through the Entire Workday

Researching a blog for a vacation destination, using an instant messenger to distract co-workers, and thinking about what is for lunch/dinner: these might be some of your biggest accomplishments throughout your workday. You should get a LinkedIn endorsement for procrastination!


Your To-Do List Never Stops Growing

You might feel like you are getting a time sensitive project every day. If you feel like you never get a break, get back on track. You might not be stuck in this position if you would do your assigned work in a timely manner.


Now that you might have identified with some of these traits, here are a few things you can do to reduce your procrastination.


Wake Up Earlier

Benjamin Franklin once said “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man smart and wise.” Follow his advice and go to bed earlier every night. DVR your favorite late night shows to view when you get home from work, so that way you can ensure you get enough sleep each night.


Clean Your Desk Regularly

Take a few minutes at the end of your day to organize your desk. Start off by cleaning off the surface of your desk with a wet paper towel and some cleaning solution.


Set Reminders for Everything That’s Due

To help you meet due dates, set reminders for when things are due. Work on projects in small steps and set due dates for each step of your work.


Control Your Internet Browsing

Avoid logging onto Twitter, Facebook, BuzzFeed, or any other site that distracts you from your work. There are plenty of apps and extensions to block these sites if you find that you are not able to control your browsing by yourself.


Now stop goofing off and get back to work!


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