Tips for Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolution

Tips for Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolution

Have you already given up on your New Year’s Resolution? You have plenty of company joining you. A recent study shows that only eight percent of people have stayed with their New Year’s Resolution after one whole year. Whether your plan includes getting more involved within your community, or becoming more health conscious, here are a few steps to ensure that you stay on track.


1.  Create a Plan & Write It Down 

Planning ahead is the first step in making sure you meet your resolution. If you are doing a savings challenge, commit to how much you will contribute each week. If you are planning on working out, figure out ahead of time what you will do each day, and what time you will exercise. Write your plan down and place it in an area you frequent to ensure that you see your plan.

2.  Go One Step at a Time  

Within your resolution, break it down into steps and set smaller goals within a span of one to three months. This will create checkpoints for you to check your progress. Breaking your resolution down may make it seem less daunting.

3.  Set a Weekly Reminder  

Remind yourself of your resolution by simply creating a calendar reminder in your phone. Set it to send at the same time each week, so you can remind yourself to stay focused.

4.  Talk About It With a Friend  

If you are struggling with meeting your resolution, talk to someone you know about it. They may be able to give you advice that can power you towards your goal.

5.  Write Down the Positives 

In a notebook, write down what qualities others think of when they think of you. Afterwards, look at your list and see how they correspond with your end goal. Put a check next to the ones that might relate to your resolution. Do this once a month and compare your answers every couple of months to see if more of your positive attributes align with your resolution.


If You Succeed, Reward Yourself

Once you reach your goals, don’t be afraid to reward yourself! Whether it’s enjoying a tasty treat or using some of your savings to go on vacation, reward yourself once you meet your overall resolution.


If You Fail, Keep Trying

Remember the saying “practice makes perfect?” That applies to your New Year’s Resolution as well. Failure will allow you to learn from your past mistakes, and see what you can change to meet your goal. If you fall into this category, start over by following these steps above and write down what you could do differently to meet your goal. If you have fallen off track of your New Year’s Resolution, don’t wait until 2017 to try it again. Start now!


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